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Violence mars San Francisco celebrations
Among the incidents: Two people shot, one stabbed after fans flood onto streets following Giants' World Series victory

Nurse defies authorities, ends voluntary Ebola quarantine at Maine home
Lawyer for Kaci Hickox says she won't cooperate further with the state until it lifts "all or most of the restrictions"

Sweden recognizes state of Palestine
Becomes first major European nation to go that route

"60 Minutes" Moment of the Week: Overcoming fear to care for an Ebola patient
Nurse Sidia Rose says she was so scared that she wept when she learned her Dallas hospital likely had an Ebola patient -- then she suited up and went in to care for him. Watch Scott Pelley?s full report, "Treating Ebola."

Credit cards that might make you scream
Read on for a look at the best -- and worst -- cards for rewards, students, business owners and other categories

What Americans think of Congress and the President
Going into the midterm elections, CBS News poll measures Americans' opinions of Obama and lawmakers

Giants claim place in World Series lore
San Francisco beats Kansas City Royals 3-2 in Game 7 to take 3rd crown in 5 years, behind Series performance for the ages from Madison Bumgarner

Lava flows on Hawaii's Big Island
Lava started flowing from K?lauea in late June and became more active in September

Why the Pentagon is helping raise baby goats
Hint: It has to do with that nation's cashmere business

Lava creeps within 100 feet of Hawaii home
Also nears main road; mandatory evacuations possible; how letting people watch the lava flow could help them

Bodies found in Mexico where 3 Texans missing
The bodies may be those of three American siblings and a fourth person who disappeared more than two weeks ago in the area

?How higher-octane gas could cut emissions and save billions of dollars
Researchers argue for nationwide shift to more premium fuel at the pump

Police say Long Island man decapitated mom, jumped in front of train
Authorities say decapitation victim an asst. college professor; her grown son was struck and killed by the train

In 2014 ads, Obamacare is part of a broader message
In the majority of political ads mentioning the health law, the issue is bundled in with other topics to demonstrate a candidate's conservative credentials

Many more genes linked to autism
Large-scale study may be major turning point in understanding DNA's role

U.S. tells Takata to move faster on airbags
NHSTA says the Japanese company has to crank out more replacement parts and perform more tests

White House disavows insulting remarks about Israeli PM
The battle began with an anonymous quote in The Atlantic from a U.S. official using barnyard language to characterize Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

NASA studying launch disaster
In the wake of the Antares rocket explosion, investigators are taking a hard look at the rocket's engines, which were made in Russia more than 40 years ago and recently refurbished in the U.S.

Creative celeb baby names
Some of us may look up to celebrities, but when it comes to these outrageous baby names, it may be best to look elsewhere

Tribe seeks unity after Washington high school shooting
Statement from Tulalip Tribe denounces shooting, says students and school have been threatened