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?Arizona monitoring 1,000 people for measles linked to Disneyland
Outbreak traced to Disney theme parks grows to at least 95 cases in 8 states and Mexico

California officials call e-cigarettes a health threat
State health officials worry young people will become addicted if the devices remain unregulated

Girl helps paramedics through sign language skills
Ten-year-old in Kansas used her signing skills to assist emergency health care workers with a car crash victim

Greece's finance minister in 2012: "Greece is in a coma"
Before Yanis Varoufakis became Greece's new finance minister, he told "60 Minutes" that European lenders' austerity measures were stifling Greece

?New ISIS message features voice claiming to be Japanese hostage
The recording extends the deadline for Jordan to release would-be suicide bomber to prevent killing of Jordanian fighter pilot

Cuban president wants Guantanamo Bay back
Raul Castro says the U.S. should return the base, lift a trade embargo and pay compensation for damages before relations are re-established

Comcast apologizes for changing customer's billing name to profanity
After billing dispute, Spokane, Washington, couple shocked to see a new name on their residential bill

New England swamped by snow
Coastal Massachusetts was hit especially hard by the 2015 blizzard

Inquest: Hostage in Sydney standoff was killed by police bullet fragments
38-year-old woman was hit by fragments of a bullet fired by police officer as authorities stormed the Sydney cafe to end 16-hour standoff

Electrical fire ignited Christmas tree in deadly Maryland blaze
Officials say blaze that killed 6 people began when an electrical fire ignited combustible materials that spread to 15-foot-tall tree

Slumping McDonald's says CEO will exit
Chief executive Don Thompson will leave the struggling restaurant chain after less than three years at the helm

Expert: Craigslist's "ethos of anonymity" leads to crime
Murder of Georgia couple is latest case in which people responding to Craigslist ads have been murdered, says classified ad consultant

Watch: 320-foot furnace at historic Baltimore steel plant imploded
The Bethlehem Steel plant in Sparrows Point is being demolished for environmental cleanup and to make way for new development

Allegations surface of on-duty sex in Phila. fire department
Accusations it's been "hotter" than usual at several firehouses in the City of Brotherly Love

50,000 Super Bowl simulations, one clear winner
A sophisticated prediction software ran tens of thousands of scenarios and picked one team to win 60 percent of the time

Your Blizzard 2015 photos
CBSN viewers posted images of the winter storm using the hastag #CBSNblizzard

1 in 5 American kids relies on food stamps
In the industrialized world, only one country has a higher rate of child poverty than the U.S.

Hezbollah attack on Israeli soldiers prompts more fighting
Missile attack on disputed border area adds to tensions already brought on by civil war in neighboring Syria

War of words between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels heats up
CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports that rhetoric from Russian President Vladimir Putin could escalate the conflict

Man killed by police after striking police dog with hammer
A 35-year-old Northern California man was allegedly vandalizing a home when the confrontation with police and the K-9 unit ensued