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U.N. official says Israeli tanks hit refugees
Official says shells slam into school sheltering civilians, killing 15 Palestinians, amid Israel's most intense bombardment yet

Major water main break floods parts of UCLA area
Sends geyser 30 feet in air, covers campus' famed arena's floor, inundates parking garages, strands dozens of cars; some people rescued

So-so grades for small cars in latest crash tests
Only one gets top rating from insurance trade group; half of the dozen put through their paces get marginal or poor grades

The secret to career success? Enthusiasm
In 1980, Morley Safer traveled to Dallas to uncover the multimillion-dollar industry that was making people richer, better, and happier

Obama expands sanctions on Russia, this time with European support
President says the steps will have "bigger bite"; says they're direct reaction to Moscow's actions, not move toward new Cold War

Civil aviation: More info on combat zones is key
Malaysia Airlines plane downing has global air organizations calling for more intelligence-sharing, but that won't be easy

Is the economy back on track?
Commerce Department's release Wednesday of second-quarter GDP will show if recovery has rebounded from its winter slide

Modern-day cowboys
Cowboys keep up generations old tradition, drive cattle to their summer grazing spots on federal land leased in western Colorado

Rescuers in Washington make miraculous save
Rescue teams in Washington state decided the only way to save a hiker who fell down an embankment was to hoist him 420 feet up the "High Steel Bridge"

Pilot "deeply sorry" for accident that killed 9 year old on Florida beach
Georgia girl dies from her injuries day after small plane crash-landed on beach, killing her father

Last survivor of Enola Gay crew dies
Navigator of plane that dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima, which led to the end of World War II, was 93

Women survive after being run over by train
They were trespassing on an Indiana railroad bridge were run over by a locomotive, but escaped apparently unharmed, authorities say

Groups order some of their workers from Liberia amid Ebola outbreak
Missionary groups pulling out nonessential personnel and asking for prayers for two American aid workers stricken with the deadly virus

Body of young stowaway found in wheel well of U.S. military plane
Body of boy found inside C-130 that landed in Germany, triggering questions about security of aircraft that made several stops in Africa

3D printer makes antique instruments new again
Researchers at UConn use medical imaging and 3D printing technology to restore antique instruments to their former glory

Top Ebola doctor dies from the disease after treating dozens
He contracted virus while treating patients in Sierra Leone; another victim is confirmed to be an American citizen

N.H. man arraigned on kidnapping charge in Abigail Hernandez case
Nathaniel Kibby was ordered held on $1 million cash bail at his arraignment, which Abigail Hernandez, the 15-year-old he allegedly abducted, appeared at

Mississippi abortion law ruled unconstitutional in appeals court
State leaders had argued that law closing its only abortion clinic was fine because Mississippians could get them in other states

Tuberculosis patient tracked down in California, arrested
Eduardo Rosas Cruz, 25, had refused treatment for infectious disease; Cruz comes from place known for drug-resistant TB

?The case of the $43,000 restaurant tip
The whopping gratuity, left on an $8 bill, raises questions about tipping machines and handling errors