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Sponge test to spot cancer
The new diagnostic method could replace traditional endoscopy in detecting signs of cancer

As Ferguson braces, FBI mobilizes and officials make pleas
Activists, authorities and the family of Michael Brown called for calm as a grand jury draws closer to an announcement

Scientists uncover massive 21-million-year-old landslide in southern Utah
The slide was the largest on record, covering an area the size of Rhode Island

Preview: Chernobyl
Bob Simon returns to the site of the world's worst nuclear power plant disaster and it's still radioactive and dangerous -- almost 30 years later.

Window washer survives 11-story fall onto moving car in S.F.
Man seriously injured after falling from a building and landing onto a car in city's financial district

Baby gorilla's death could have been avoided, zookeepers say
Five zookeepers tell the San Francisco Chronicle the zoo ignored their concerns about the gorilla enclosure's safety before baby was crushed

Mental illness in U.S. adults widespread
New data shows just how many people suffered from a diagnosable mental condition last year

Texas OKs new history textbooks despite complaints
Some critics say the new books are too sympathetic to Islam, while others complain they exaggerate religious influence on American democracy

Photos of the week
The best images from the week's news, Nov. 14-Nov. 21, 2014

Joe Arpaio goes to court over Obama immigration moves
Arizona sheriff who has often clashed with federal government wants to stop president's new policies

Report reveals new details about Newtown shooter's history
New information released about the background of the socially isolated, violence-obsessed man who carried out the 2012 massacre

Man shot dead by cop in Brooklyn in apparent accident: NYPD
Commissioner Bratton calls shooting of man in Brooklyn housing complex "very unfortunate tragedy"

Obama still getting heckled by immigration reform advocates
At Las Vegas event, president tells heckler, "We're still going to have to pass a bill"

New threat looms for Buffalo, N.Y., after epic snowfall
Residents still can't breathe easy even though snowfall that brought huge drifts finally ended

Hollywood cast reunions
Film casts, TV co-stars and musical acts get the gang back together

Two more women come forward with Bill Cosby accusations
The alleged victims both claim the comedian got them alone and then drugged them decades ago

Kids die in fire while mom was in hospital for birth
Children were unconscious, not breathing when they were discovered huddled together behind living room couch

"Dream trip" to Disney World turns into deadly nightmare
Parents, 3 children killed in accident on interstate during road trip from Texas to Florida

Adrian Peterson: "I won't ever use a switch again"
After child abuse charges, NFL star says he spoke last week with his son for the first time in five months

Ford: New F-150's gas mileage top among pickups
The Ram truck, at 25 mpg on the highway, is the current leader among pickups, but Ford says its truck can do better than that