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Ebola found in Texas patient; 1st case diagnosed in U.S.
Patient in isolation at Dallas hospital tests for Ebola; "I have no doubt we will stop it here," CDC director says

Ebola in the U.S.: What you need to know now
The first diagnosed case of Ebola in the U.S. has left many Americans wondering about their own risk

Former convict with a gun rode elevator with Obama
Secret Service facing even more scrutiny after security contractor was found to violate the agency's protocol

Alibaba founder Jack Ma and his eccentricities
Lara Logan tells "60 Minutes Overtime" about Ma's rise from poverty to billionaire -- and the joy he gets from performing for his employees

African community in Dallas reacts to Ebola news
"It's a small globe," says one Texas man from Sierra Leone, "It was bound to happen"

Mayor of Bell Gardens, California, fatally shot
Mayor Daniel Crespo dies hours after being shot at his suburban Los Angeles home

Microsoft unveils Windows 10
Microsoft skips 9 and introduces Windows 10; says this update is like moving from a first-generation Prius to a Tesla

Hong Kong protesters dig in over election reforms
CBS News' Seth Doane reports from Hong Kong on demonstrations against Beijing's control of elections

A look back in time
A combination barbershop and railroad museum brings visitors back in time in Northern Ireland

Jamaica drafts pot decriminalization bill
Although marijuana use is pervasive, it's actually still illegal on Caribbean island

Pipe bombs found in manhunt for trooper ambush suspect
"Fully functional" explosives are believed to have been left behind by Eric Frein, who has eluded capture in Pennsylvania for 18 days

Bring your own: California bans single-use plastic bags
Plastic bag manufacturers plan voter referendum to repeal new law, scheduled to take effect in July 2015

Outcry after Chiefs player flagged for post-touchdown prayer
NFL says Muslim Chiefs safety should not have been penalized for dropping to his knees in prayer

Imprisoned Dutch killer van der Sloot now a father
Man who is prime suspect for American teen's disappearance in Aruba is serving time for murder of Peruvian woman

Michael Phelps arrested for DUI in Baltimore
Incident marks the second DUI arrest for the most decorated athlete in Olympic history

Shooter takes stand in Fla. "loud music" murder trial
It's Michael Dunn's second trial for killing teenager Jordan Davis at a Jacksonville, Fla. gas station; he was convicted of the attempted murder of three other youths in the same incident

Speed traps: America's 10 most ticketed cars
Driving a muscle car doesn't make you ticket bait -- it's those inexpensive four-cylinders that draw the police's attention

Oklahoma man charged with murder in workplace beheading
Alton Nolen had just been fired from a food processing plant before he allegedly killed one co-worker and seriously wounded another

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's wedding
George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin wed in Venice, Italy

Homicide charges for parents of son found decomposing in home
Pa. couple who didn't deal with their 9-year-old disabled son's body until the smell became overwhelming charged over starvation death